To ja

এটা আমি।

Это я

Ini adalah saya

Sono io

Ako ito

यह मैं हूँ।

이게 나야


This is Me

Εγώ είμαι

Đây là tôi

Dyma fi

Huu ndio mimi


Dette er meg

ဒါက ငါ့ဖြစ်တယ်။

Ово сам ја


Ini aku

Este soy yo

Das bin ich

Me voici

هذا أنا

Este sou eu

Some key features of French

Important: This page is not for children but is intended to provide some background for adults who are supporting children’s learning.

For teachers and parents

Sentence structure and verbs

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Changing verbs

Changing verbs

Masculine, feminine and plural nouns

Changing adjectives


Asking questions

Affirmative and negative sentences


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